Director of Photography

Mike Thorn

Mike Thorn is a freelance cinematographer based in Hartville, Ohio, where he directs his family photography and videography studio, Radiant Blue Media ( He has many years of digital still photography experience and has competed for and won several local awards for his photography work.

Clients of Radiant Blue include Gunn Brothers Productions, the Stockdale Family Band, and the Ring Of Iron motorcycle group, and Mike is always interested in working with other Christian filmmakers.

When not in the editing suite at home, Mike spends his free time in the company of his fiancé Grace, as well as moderating, studying cinematography, playing BZFlag, and listening to an eclectic mix of country, folk, celtic, pop, contemporary christian, and new age music.


Josh Rodriguez

As son of Hispanic-American missionaries, Josh Rodriguez grew up in the beautiful mountainous countries of Guatemala and Mexico. At age 7, he began piano and guitar lessons; then at 16, picking up the saxophone. After completing high school, he attended the International Academy of Music in Indiana, Verity Institute in Michigan, and later graduated from Thomas Edison State College.

During the summers of 2004 and 2005, he recorded and toured with Sounding Joy Ministries (

Josh currently teaches music and theater in the Euroamerican School of Monterrey, Mexico (, while also working as youth leader and assistant worship director in Hope Church Monterrey ( Josh plans to study music on a Masters level and to write music for feature length films.

Set Photographer (Also Makeup Artist)

Allison Marshall

Allison is a semi-professional photographer. She has photographed for several events and organizations.

Her main role in The Meaning of “Choice”, was Set Photographer, and she was in charge of taking photos for consistency, publicity, and documenting the process and memorable moments during the film shoot. Audio was another area where Allison lent a hand, whenever one was needed! She was also cast as “Frank’s Mom”, Frank being Rob’s friend. Frank and his mother drop Rob off at home soon after Joe attacks Angela. Allison was also in charge of applying the “blood, sweat, and tears”, for the attack scene.

“One my favorite memories of being part of this production, were capturing all the candid moments behind the scenes with my camera, I took a few hundred, and enjoyed every minute! I think I surprised everyone (and myself!) by enjoying the process of applying the stage blood on Clare! Playing “Frank’s Mom” was fun too, and Evan and I still call each other “Frank” and “Mom”!”

Allison specializes in candid event photography, such as historical re-enactments, film shoots, conferences and seminars, family gatherings and portraits, and weddings. You may contact her to photograph your event, by visiting her site:

After Effects Artist/Colorist

Joshua Moore

Joshua has been studying film since the age of ten, and currently has his own production company. He has won local and national film festival awards, and worked as crew on short films, commercials, and one feature.

Joshua is currently pursuing technical issues, and the use of visual effects to enhance the production value of low budget Christian films.

More Crew Pics and Bios coming soon!