Freedom Warrior Productions needs your help! We need people to:

Spread the word

Tell friends and family about The Meaning of “Choice” and talk about it online in chat rooms, on forums, even in your e-mail correspondence!

Link to on your website or blog. (See below for banners that you can use.)

You can also buy a shirt (or two) and wear it! Part of the proceeds will go to FWP to help with the DVD production costs.

You could even call local Christian talk show hosts and pro-life advocacy groups and ask them to help tell people about The Meaning of “Choice”.

Host a screening

Talk to your Church leadership about showing The Meaning of “Choice” for the congregation and community. Approach pro-life groups in the area about hosting a screening. You can even host one yourself; just round up a building, projector, DVD player, some speakers and an audience! Try using the screening to raise funds for your local crisis pregnancy center or pro-life advocacy group! For more information on hosting screenings, click here.


Keep FWP and The Meaning of “Choice” in your prayers. Our hope is that this film will cause people to start thinking about the reality of the “Choice” cartel. We also hope to see this film pay for itself and even provide the financing for the next FWP project.

You can sign up for FWP e-mail updates to keep abreast of our latest projects here.

Thank you for your support!

God bless!

David B. Thompson
Freedom Warrior Productions

Banners and Code

Copy and paste the following code into your web page or blog template.:

<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>


<a href=""><img src="" border="0"></a>