Host a screening!

The November release of The Meaning of “Choice” depends on grassroots distributors like you! Here’s a few words about screenings and how to go about organizing one.

FWP recognizes three types of screenings for The Meaning of “Choice”.

Free Screening

Free screenings are just that; free. You, your Church, or a local pro-life organization use your own facilities or rent a hall or theater somewhere, advertise to some extent, (whether it involves placing an ad in the local paper or just making an announcement at Church on Sunday morning) set up a projector and sound system, and welcome the audience on their way in the door.

Benefit Screening

Benefit screenings are fundraisers. They’re different from the free screening in that you’ll charge some sort of admission, with the profits going to a crisis pregnancy center or some other pro-life organization or cause.

For-Profit Screening

You could also try to make some money from showing The Meaning of “Choice”. No guarantees, but charging admission for the purpose of making a profit is acceptable, although we certainly prefer benefit screenings.

There’s no licensing charge if you’re going to hold a free screening, but if you plan to charge admission, please remember to send royalties to FWP. You’ll be provided with the address when you sign up to host a screening. Royalties are 10% of gross ticket sales for a benefit screening and 20% for a for-profit screening. (We also request that your ticket price be at least $5.)

There is a $5 charge up front for all screenings to cover DVD and shipping costs.

You may schedule a screening for anytime starting after the premiere in November (exact date to be announced; go ahead and e-mail us and we'll let you know as soon as we do.).

If you’d like to schedule a screening, (or if you have any questions) please e-mail with “Screening” in the subject line. Make sure to contact us at least two weeks in advance in order to ensure enough time for shipping and testing the DVD.

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